Yurt Evolution

After waiting so long for the weather to allow for the yurt site to be graded, the project is coming together quickly. In part that is oddly due to the Covid 19 virus. While the virus has caused many problems for small businesses (including mine), it has given me access to two top-notch carpenters until their employers can get them back to work. It’s hard to see it as a truly positive thing and yet I find myself grateful for the accelerated build with the extra help. Truthfully, if I had relied on my original plan for using family and friends and holding a “yurt raising party”, we would likely still be back at the platform building stage. Of course, the budget I had planned did not include this amount of labor costs either. “One man’s ceiling is the other man’s floor” is a song that comes to mind. But I’m choosing, daily, to appreciate the progress and the process.

The Russell Hardwood Floor crew, Justin, Tim and Ryan, made quick work of laying the hardwood. The floor was being sanded even as it was being laid. We needed the hardwood down before the yurt was raised because the lattice wall structure sits on top of the finished floor. It made sense to sand and seal the flooring, coming back at the end to put the coats of polyurethane on.
The flooring was cut by Rich to the round of the platform. Bender board that I ordered with the yurt will cover the exposed edges.
Tim and Ryan applied the sealer to the sanded flooring. Notice the truck in the background with the Russell Hardwood Floors lion.
This is an image of the floor taken with a drone. Doesn’t it look terrific? We used all the loose wood that had accumulated in our shop for the floor. The upper right corner is the bedroom area and has a very random selection of wood–but the room is so tiny I’m not sure any of it will even show!
This is the lattice as it came from the company. The doors are set first and then the lattice. In the process of putting it up we discovered the lengths sent didn’t match the plans and so some very creative refiguring was done in order to not have to wait for an entire new set to be made and trucked. The carpenters did a grand job and the yurt company was very thankful that they were able to cover wages for the fix instead of having to make and send new!
I ordered four operable windows that were extras. They came framed in. I also decided to have the lattice painted white to reduce the distraction of the lattice inside and to lighten the place up.
We built a scaffolding upon which to raise the large skylight ring that supports the rafters at the top. The roof lining, insulation, and cover had to be lifted through the ring. The roof cover weighed over 300 pounds so it was challenging to lift and roll out the top.
The interior of the yurt after the lining, insulation and exterior were added. I ordered two of three vinyl windows that were included in the base price of the yurt. They have covers that roll up and those are the black spaces you see in this image. I also added the wind package which adds additional structure to the walls with boards that attach to the floor and the rafters. These were also painted white and can be used to hang shelves or art work etc.
This is the yurt from afar. Still working on buttoning it up at this point, but you can see the possibilities now!
Taking in the view from the scaffolding deck.

I will leave you with this view from the top of the yurt. The next steps are to build out the interior and then the porches at the doors. I may need to adjust my plans as my funds dwindle, but having lived in one room in my daughter and son-in-law’s house for nine months now has changed my definition of what is essential. I am looking forward to my own space, small though it may be, and that makes me thankful in a way that may not have been without our “forced togetherness”.


  1. I so look forward to your journal posts! Thanks for sharing your life with us. So glad it’s going quick (not the money part) and that it won’t be long and you’ll be in YOUR house!


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