We’re Rolling Now!

The yurt, in many crates and boxes, has finally arrived. We picked it up from a local lumber company that was willing to receive it from the truck and we now have it stashed in various places on the property. After a winter of little rain, the skies have opened just in time to make this project a muddy mess and keep us from easily accessing the site. It’s been hit or miss depending on the day.

Such a tidy pile of yurt parts.
The excavator again proves its worth.

I have talented men building the platform, and watching it come together reminds me of all of the building projects I’ve been a part of through the years. I do love to “supervise” and cheerlead a crew of construction workers. Now that the footprint is physically present I’m beginning to get a feel for the site. The yurt will be elevated which allows for the plumbing and electrical access from the floor and as a bonus improves the long view. My mind fills with questions about the landscape and how I can create the intimacy I crave in outdoor gatherings. There is so much happening at once and so I will post quite a few photos this time so you can appreciate the process and see why I’m beginning to get excited about my new home.

The platform being built.
Seeing the shape and the size of the thing…inspiring.
This is the view from “the yard”. Lots of work ahead, but the canvas is beautiful.
The Russell Hardwood Floor Lion will hold centerplace in the yurt floor. Rich came up to view the platform and make plans for the floor.
Max helping to set the nails for the platform.
Gunner was thrilled to run and run and run around the deck of the platform.
Max shows how big the cut platform is!
Megan and I toasted the completed platform. Such a satisfying moment to see this step finished and get a feel for the place.


  1. Just saw your Instagram about recording the progress on this blog! Love your stories and couldn’t wait to start reading. Sounds like a perfect fit for you and your new home!


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