So Close I Can Almost Taste It

The paper is still covering the hardwood, the knobs aren’t on the cabinets, the finish plumbing, electrical and some painting needs doing, and the appliances aren’t in yet, BUT it is getting very close.

We have had some days of excessive heat, making the yurt an uncomfortable place to work by late morning. But progress is being made and the results are simple and satisfying. I’m pleased with every aspect of the building process and I’ve spent some time with furniture placement in my mind (a VERY crowded place these days!). Joe and Wade are superbly concerned with details, allowing me to relax and enjoy each new stage.

The loft railing, echoing the porch railing, is going up. My office is slated to go in the loft and it is a nice space but the ceiling slant does not allow enough height for my corner desk. Just another detail that requires me to be flexible in my plans!
Have I mentioned the tipi? These are new poles for the tipi, just waiting for the time when we can concentrate on creating a spot for it. I’m calling it my future guest room!
I had a cargo container delivered a month or so ago to use for extra storage. It just happened to be painted with red oxide paint, closely matching the Terra Cotta color I chose for the yurt. My vision is to store seasonal items here, things that can’t fit in the yurt and that I can rotate in and out. Dinners for 10 or many are still something I want to do, so there will be shelves in the container to hold items for entertaining. Maybe I’ll switch out my clothes with the seasons…who knows.

Spending time with my grandsons has been an upside to my “forced” living situation of the past year. I’ve spent some frustrating moments (the volume alone has me wondering if I have PTSD) but I’ve also been around in the daily, comfortable moments where time is not forced and trust is inherent and I get to observe and participate in the small moments. As a photographer–I can still claim that I hope–it has always been the small moments that capture my attention. Below are three of them that I particularly like.

Enjoy your day, your people, your spot in this crazy world. We all need to simmer down and slow down and, probably, lay down and put down. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Stay tuned.


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