Crossing the Border

After stopping at the Grand Canyon and filling up my view with the glory of that place, I continued on my way. I stopped just across the border in Needles, California where the 110 degree heat seemed just about right for the sad looking houses and tired fast food signs lining the interstate. I bought a packet of microwave popcorn to pop in my room from a pleasant guy in the tiny office and settled in for the night.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that for the first time in awhile I woke early to thoughts of home…or the lack of it. My mind began to gnaw on the “what ifs” and “what nows” and I tossed around until a decent hour to rise. This trip has been shorter than I’d planned. I found that while I loved seeing my sisters and the varied and beautiful landscapes of this great country, I could not outrun the responsibility that waits for me. And so I’ll take it all up again with, hopefully, a renewed sense of purpose.

For I think that is what this circle of a trip has been doing all along. Giving me a wider view in which hope plays a part. The intensity and fury of my move from my property had squeezed out hope for a time, replacing it with discouragement. The time has been too short and the driving too long for me to feel rested, but I do find my mind has begun to open back up to possibilities.

Viewing the Canyon, sitting for just a bit and staring down at the distant path I once hiked, I found myself wondering if I could do that again. A surprising thought leading me to consider what else I might find time and energy to do. So home I go to answer those questions and figure out just where these feet will take me.


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