Building out the Yurt

It has been an extremely busy time. Lots going on in the world besides my yurt project, but my yurt project is more fun than most other things at this point. I’m finding it difficult to post as often as I like, due to other obligations, so I’m resorting once again to a photo dump to catch up on all that is happening. I had hoped to present some deep and thoughtful reflections, but alas, I’m rather short on those right now! So, take a look, comment if you like and I’ll keep on trying.

With the scaffolding cleared away from the yurt raising, the space feels quite large again. Of course this will change as we add the bedroom and bath spaces. I love the soaring ceilings and the round shape.
I’m basically splitting the yurt in half, leaving one half for living space and the other split between bedroom and bath. Between the two rooms is a closet and a small hallway.
The tub/shower combination was put in place, showing the location of the bathroom. I opted for a one piece unit for ease, but that meant it needed to be put in place before all of the studs were placed.
I was pleased to sit in the loft and experience the size. My intention is to have my office up in the loft as well as have space for the nimble visitor to sleep.
This old wooden library ladder has been used in a few of our homes over the years. I’m so pleased to see it here and I look forward to having it further the family history from this yurt.
The location of my yurt meant that utilities were complicated. My son-in-law has gamely taken on the task of bringing power, water, gas, and data up to the site. I’m very grateful for his willingness (even as I understand the pull of an excavator on a boy of any age…).
A heavy load of conduit and pipe.
Lots of work getting things ready, inside and out.
One of the guys came up with the idea of connecting the two doorways with a walkway. Brilliant. More expensive, but in the future this will save many steps and make taking the vinyl windows on and off very doable.
This is why you hire talented carpenters. The men who are working on this are wonderful at the details and in this case have done a beautiful job of curving the redwood to the yurt.
And I will leave you with this image at my future kitchen door. I can’t wait for this coming week so I can see the deck completed and get a feel for the flow.


  1. Looks so amazing !! I truly want to see it before I take off.. have a few things for you guys..a bag of feathers that Megan wanted for the boys..two cases of wine
    For the amazing Vinegar barrel.. etc and a gift for your new kitchen..♥️♥️♥️😷

    Zondra Rapazzini

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